Rips On Protecting Your Watch

A wristwatch is continuously exposed to stress in all situations. The Gentleman Blog shows you what you should watch out for in everyday life, at home and when doing sports, and where else there are dangers for the watch. If you love and appreciate your ticking companion, you should heed the following twelve points to significantly increase the life expectancy of your wristwatch.

What Should I Protect My Watch From?

The watch should be protected from very high humidity, intense sunlight, and temperatures well below freezing and above 50 ° C.

It is therefore advisable to leave the watch at home in extreme weather conditions. It is best stored therein a dustproof box because even with high-quality timepieces, 100% protection against the entry of the finest particles into the inside of the watch cannot be guaranteed.

Avoid Knocks, Shocks And Pressure Loads

It goes without saying that a watch should not be subjected to severe vibrations. And yet the sensitivity of a mechanical one is often underestimated. Since the maximum pressure load of a watch, given in bar, was determined under laboratory conditions and thus under the premise of a pressure acting evenly on the watch, jerky shock movements are particularly problematic.

If things are a little more robust in everyday life, caution is therefore advisable. In any case, the watch should be removed before physical work such as DIY work with a drill or hammer.

Beware Of Magnetic Fields

Since watches can magnetize easily, they should not be kept on a speaker or a refrigerator. If the watch is still electromagnetically charged, this is shown by a non-linear gear with sudden, strong gear deviations.

The watchmaker can demagnetize the parts in question like in counterfeit watch AAA class ( นาฬิกาเกรด aaa ,which is the term on Thai) , but in some cases, the coil spring can be damaged.

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