Leather Shoulder Holster – Browse And Purchase The Best Gun Cover

Leather holsters provide classic and cosmetically attractive appearances that can enhance your fashion tastes a lot. A leather shoulder holster enhances user comfort and can mold over time. However, leather is much more susceptible to moisture and adapts to any outfit. The best leather holster covers the whole gun as a trigger guard so that no accidental discharge is possible.

One rule to keep in mind is that it is best to keep your index finger away from the trigger until your eyesight can spot a criminal. When you take a gun out of a holster, the holster noise is beneficial to some jobs and not to others. The leather holster is quieter and does not provide any kind of alert to criminals.

With age, a leather shoulder holster starts molding around the firearms and provides excellent retention. When you become habituated to carrying a leather holster, it will become looser over time.

Why is Kirkpatrick the best company?

If you search the internet, you will find many random websites that design and sell holsters. But you have to select an authentic website from which you will be most benefited. Kirkpatrick Leather Company has been producing holsters since the 1950s and has a worldwide fan base. Artists and skilled designers sell holsters made of genuine American leather on this website.

  • You can purchase directly or order a custom-made holster. There are several reasons why this Texas-based company has been receiving high ratings for over 60 years.
  • If you do not like the existing design or change your mind, you should inform the company before shipping the product.
  • When you order a custom-made leather shoulder holster, it will be considered a final sale product, so you cannot return it anyway.
  • Kirkpatrick does not compromise on quality in any way, so they do not buy material from a third party. Here you will find holsters made of full 8 ounces of cowhide leather that are called High-Quality American Leather Holsters.
  • It will reach you within 8-10 weeks after ordering a product. You can track the order if you want, and Automated Mail will provide you with all the information related to shipping.


A well-made leather holster exhibits a high degree of strength because during tanning and chemical processes, leather can resist moisture, and it is more durable than nylon, Kydex, and hybrid materials. A large portion of gun users discusses holster wear while thinking about the holster. Both Kydex and leather have pros and cons, but you have to decide for what purpose you are buying the holster.

Leather is much softer and compressible that supports the inside arm like a cushion. Never ignore the comfort option when purchasing a leather shoulder holster. An uncomfortable leather holster will have the greatest impact on your profession. Even if the leather is hard, it should be accepted as it adjusts nicely to the body. If someone intentionally or accidentally presses your holster against your body, you will feel it.

You must select a genuine website like kirkpatrickleather.com to explore a world-class holster catalog.