Introduction to the Fourth Framework of the Automobile

The fourth framework of the car electronics, which is activated in the year of 2010, may change the current supply and consume model in the automotive information and entertainment system. The fourth framework is a new emerging platform, which has no limitation of function or characteristics. New functions can be added at anytime after buying […]

Trends of Going Public For Many Companies

In recent years, the development of the auto market makes a lot of independent parts manufacturers expand. They provide assemblies for the domestic automobile business. Some of them become suppliers who offer products for well-known international enterprises. After a long period of accumulation, these companies are not satisfied with the present status. They want to […]

Site Control For Automobile Dealerships in the 21st Century

This article is the first in a trilogy of articles regarding site control. An understanding of site control sometimes referred to as “point protection,” is important with respect to the dealer’s intended use for the property and becomes extremely important if a dealership proves not to be successful. [A “point” is a location where a […]

Where You Can Buy, Sell and Research New and Used Vehicles

There are number of resources available today from where you can buy used vehicles for sale, the most prominent of them all being Internet. Internet is a mega resource where you can find hundreds and thousands of vehicles for sales online at minimal cost. Buying used vehicle does not necessarily mean that you would be […]