How shirts became the major apparel in men’s world?

The importance of clothing cannot be exaggerated in any manner. The modern clothing and fashion industry generally revolves around female clothing lines. This has in many ways led to the underdevelopment of men’s clothing line. Another reason why men’s clothing and fashion has been not in the forefront is that men tend to care very less for their own fashion and clothing. However, the only clothing apparel of men that has shown growth both in terms of fashion and comfort is a shirt ( เสื้อยืด, which is the term in Thai). Shirts have been one of the major components of men’s clothing line as well as one of the most developed ones.

The pros and cons of shirts in today’s world

Though there are many types of shirts that have come to the front in the past years still it is the polo shirts that have remained the favorite one of men. The reasons for polo shirts getting so much popularity are two folds basically. Firstly, polo shirt is a  shirt for all ages. This simply means that it does not really matter if you are in your 20s or 80s, you can pull off a polo. The polo is both comfortable and apt for casual occasions. Apart from these polo shirts are also shirts or jersey for different types of sports. The shirt got its name specifically because it was developed by the polo association of the United States of America. Apart from these advantages polo shirts also have a wide range in terms of color, design, and fabric. This makes them the perfect outfit for almost any occasion across the globe. The price range of polo shirts may also vary depending on the fabric and design and brand.

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