It is common knowledge that most recruiters skim through a CV in seconds. Hence care should be taken as to how the applicant orders the contents of the CV. It is ideal to keep a two-page format as a base to work on. The first page of the CV receives the most attention, hence the most important information should be present on the first page of your cv. Engaging the audience with it is the key skill. Writing the job title in bold makes it stand out making it easier for the reader to ascertain the relevance of your CV and its details.

The profiling shouldn’t be too long, a maximum of 4 or 5 lines is good. Mentioning original content stays longer in the memory of the reader. Career history goes next as another set of details to not be missed. This section generally decides the calling for you on the interview.

What should the second page of a CV contain?

Sections to be assigned as the second page of the CV are professional documents, qualifications and an interest and hobby section which can be left out too. These sections are of not as much importance as the first page of your CV because of themore of a tick box routine for the recruiter. They are not unique selling points because it is practiced by many applicants. This section can be flexible with the order of the documents as there is not a hard-set rule for it.

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