Where are the New Rolex Watches?

Yesterday, I called a Rolex dealer to search for Rollies. “What are you curious about?” the salesperson inquired. “The usual suspects,” I addressed. “I hesitate we don’t have anything, however, women’s versions as well as a gold Cellini,” he admitted ruefully. “We’re awaiting our following delivery.” “When might that be?” I asked, trying not to seem like a film noir private investigator. “I honestly don’t recognize. Rolex does not tell us.” “That’s not nice,” I observed. “They’re Rolex. They don’t need to be nice.” I really did not state it then yet.

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No shit Sherlock. Rolex is offering every watch it makes as quick as it can make them, and it cannot make them fast sufficient. Demand outstrips supply to the point where most of their accredited dealers, and advertisements, do not have any. To the factor where Geneva’s preferred son can choose what to deliver to whom, as well as when. Recognizing that just about a couple of oddballs are pre-sold. Also, they don’t need to inform any individual that got what when, and why.

Mind you, there are some Rolex out there, someplace, yet nothing worth writing residence concerning. Ringing around Rolex dealerships, I can verify the cabinets are more-or-less bare at Le Chateau de Rolex’s licensed dealerships.

I found an odd number of accredited dealerships that have an odd couple of Rolex offers for sale. That’s thinking the sales associates weren’t existing, wishing to draw me right into the shop to pull a horological riff on Monty Python’s cheese shop sketch. Just finishing it with “Have you seen the most recent Breitling? Grand Seiko?”

Here are things: you can’t acquire a box of fresh Rolex unless you’re physically existing and accounted for. Hang on. I’m prospering of myself, as well as ending a sentence with a preposition.