Deep fake using neural networks

Deep fake is an amazing technology that allows you to change faces in photos and videos. Recently, Deepfake neural networks have become very popular. People use them to put themselves in the shoes of actors, create funny videos of famous people, see jennifer lawrence nude and for many other purposes.

How to receive a photo of the highest quality?

Nudify is a site that allows you to change faces in images easily. It uses advanced artificial intelligence algorithms to achieve realistic results. It is noteworthy that deep fake video options will soon appear on the site.

Among the main recommendations for receiving the best undressing photos are the following:

  • the central location of the woman, she should not be located in the right or left corner of the composition, in which case the final image may appear blurry and unclear;
  • tight clothes on the girl, ideal would be stockings and tights, swimsuits, leggings, and T-shirts; it is better to refuse treatment in the case of jackets and voluminous dresses;
  • contrast of background and clothing, white with black, green with gray, yellow with pink; if the colors match, the neural network will make mistakes.

The quality of the result in nudify depends on the algorithm used by the neural network and the quality of the original photo. Modern neural networks are capable of creating very realistic images, but with poor source material, they can make mistakes. For best results, it is recommended to upload clear close-up photos of the girl wearing tight clothing.

For what purposes can such technologies be used?

The only legal and ethical way to use such technologies is to view the generated images and delete them immediately. Some marketers may use photos of actors or models that have been separated by neural networks for advertising purposes, but this depends on the platform’s policies and may result in blocking.