Top Directors Of Telugu Cinema – EVV Satyanarayana

EVV Satyanarayana is one of the most highly acclaimed directors of Telugu movies. He has made some of the most well-received movies of his time. He was respected by his peers and idolized by fans. There was no shortage of followers on his social media accounts.

Jamba LakdidPamba

It is about a girl who invents a potion that turns guys into girls and vice versa. Apparently, he got sick and tired of the girls being treated wrongly by guys who think they are in a high position in their respective industries. She thought enough was enough so she decided to do something about it. It addresses gender equality in more ways than one. It is true how in real life, some women are not getting treated the right way in the workplace, especially since the salaries are usually not equal. The costumes here for the actors and actresses were superb. You can hardly tell who is who and their acting was magnificent too. It is one of those Telugu movies that you will never get sick of watching.

Hello Brother

The movie is about identical twins who were separated at birth by some dude. They end up reuniting to get revenge at his son. More got revealed as to why they got separated and other details. It turns into a cat and mouse game between the good guys and the villains. It gets pretty exciting until the end, and EVV certainly knows how to make action scenes. They certainly did not like how they got separated. They found out too late that they actually have each other. Thus, they devise a plan to get revenge on those who did them wrong. It was easier said than done but you know it needed to be done. The cinematography here is pretty nice and you know EVV hired someone who is pretty good.


The story is about the main character who is having a hard time getting a child out of his current wife. He eventually gave up on it and decided to get someone else pregnant. He ended up being successful and when the child was born, he adopts him and brings him to his current wife. The events that happen there were pretty unpredictable which is what EVV is all about. All the characters play a major role in the ending. EVV made a few edits to the final script for the better. He knew those changes would favor the people who would watch it in the cinemas as they deserve a nice ending.

All the above Telugu movies were carefully made by EVV Satyanarayana. He did not mind taking his time as long as he got what he wanted. He also treated everyone the right way from the top actors down to the cameramen. He knows that everyone should be treated equally and those are the good trains of a director. He knows when a scene is good and when it should be cut.

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