How does a sales funnel work?

Sales funnels have become an integral part of modern day business. The process is complex hence special software is used to create and manage these funnels. A sales funnel consists of different layers and every layer should work properly in order to achieve the desired results. You can read amazing selling machine review and see if the program suits your needs. Or you can also have a look at other tools like clickfunnels review video to see what that is like.

The following are the different phases to help you understand how sales funnel works.


In this phase, people are made aware of your products and services. In short this is where a probable customer will notice you. It might be from a blog or a social media post even a Google search. This phase is like courtship, you are trying to please and attract the customers.


In this phase, customer starts to search about the products and tries comparisons, reviews etc. This is where the content helps and you can use blogs, ads, influencer collaboration to further catch their attention.


Now the customer has made a decision to buy the product and has the financial capacity to do so. They might be considering a few other options till now as well. Here, you can push out discounts, sales and other offers to them to gain a slight advantage over other options.


This is the final phase and here the lead is converted and the sale has been made. This in any sense doesn’t mean that your work is over as it is your job to make sure that they return to you. Customer retention is very important for business and wishes, newsletter, coupon codes like clickfunnels discount code, information about sale etc. can be useful to keep the customer engaged and return.

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