Situations that the owner must face when selling the house

Selling a house is sometimes not that easy. It is not enough to hang the “for sale” sign. The owner must face several situations related to the planning of the sale, the management of visits and negotiation with potential buyers, paperwork and legal procedures, etc. that directly affect the Quick Sell Houses process. Advising you by professional real estate agents specialized in the area where the home is located facilitates this sale process.

Set the correct selling price

Price is the key to selling a home. To sell your home quickly, it is essential to establish an appropriate sale price from the first moment. The usual thing will be to track the prices of houses with similar characteristics in the same area. However, each house is different, and the market value will also be determined by factors such as age of the house, state of preservation, distribution, facilities, qualities or reforms carried out. At this point, setting a price too high to negotiate can scare off potential buyers. A real estate agent will be able to advise us better than anyone.

Identify potential interested buyers

Another major key for Quick Sell Houses is to get in touch with the potential buyers, not the time-killers. In order not to waste time, it is important to detect which buyers are really interested and can buy the house. As a seller, we must study if the interested party is in an initial search stage where he tries to compare all types of homes, discover the reasons that lead him to look for a house and if he needs to buy in a specific period of time, to know if he has sufficient economic capacity for the purchase, to know if he has consulted a bank for the granting of a mortgage, etc. 

Have a commercial vision to attract the buyer

As a seller, we must capture a buyer’s interest in the product we sell. For this, the challenge will be to put on the table the advantages and value proposals that we offer, identifying them, working on them and transmitting them. It is important to prepare the home for visits, maintaining cleanliness and order, providing adequate lighting and temperature, leaving space to park at the front door or decorating in a neutral way without excesses. Some details that we must convey to the buyer are the attractions of the area, the possible renovations carried out, the insulation and energy efficiency of the house, services and special installations carried out, etc.

Solve the doubts of the interested parties

If we put ourselves in the buyer’s shoes, he will have a thousand doubts that he would like to clear up before launching to make an offer for the house. You will have many questions about the state of the house, the operation of the facilities, the date of the last reform or paint job, the possibilities of reform, the advantages and disadvantages of the area, what the buying and selling process will be like, legal procedures, etc. As a seller, if we know how to answer these questions, we will establish trust with the potential buyer and increase the chances of selling the house.