How To Set Up A Service Schedule For Your Car?

Generally, you should send your car such as Slide car suk sawat (รถสไลด์สุขสวัสดิ์ which is the term in Thai) in for service after 10,000 km or twice a year (at 6-month intervals). Also, remember that the parts require specific inspections, ranging from 10,000 km to 80,000 km driven.

The recommended mileage for overhauling the alignment and balancing systems is 10,000 km. Until 20 thousand km, keep an eye on the spark plugs, brake fluid, and filters (air conditioning and fuel), for example. Between 60 and 80 thousand km, it’s time to assess the state of the suspension.

How Do We Conserve The Vehicle And Increase The Useful Life Of The Parts?

In addition to going to the workshop frequently to perform car maintenance for example, you can take care of some things that maintain or even increase the durability of the components of your car. For example, the tip is to turn off lights or electronic equipment when the engine is not running to ensure battery longevity. To conserve tires, avoid driving on unstable terrain. Correct calibration is also essential (top-up pressure at least every 15 days). It is also worth avoiding sudden acceleration or braking. In addition to demanding more from the engine, this wears the tires unevenly.

Another interesting guideline for those who want to keep their car in good condition is not to run with fuel in reserve, as this can clog the injectors. And, of course, practicing defensive driving generates safety for drivers and pedestrians and savings in reviews.

In this post, you saw how to set up a car for maintenance and tips to improve the conservation of parts. Keep an eye on the review periods and take all the necessary care so that your vehicle runs in perfect condition. Together, these factors make your daily drive safer and more economical.

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