How to Minimize the Risk of Losing Poker Ceme?

If you are among them who lose poker ceme on a constant basis, consider reading this article to find out the smart strategy. To this day, online ceme poker has hit a new high as a huge number of players from the eastern countries prefer playing this online betting. It is a type of game that is played with domino cards (similar to domino qq), but the rules are slightly different. 

In these types of games, the higher the risk, the more you can earn. These types of games are not appropriate for those who want to play with a small bank amount. Now, if you want to minimize the risk of losing poker ceme, consider these key points.


Think very carefully and smartly if you look to sit in the game as a Dealer. This position is prone to losing money. However, as said earlier, the winning chance gets increased with higher risk take. If you turn to be lucky, things surely going to fall in your way! A Dealer cannot choose the amount of bet as the players are responsible for picking the bet as they feel.


Enter in the game as a player and be patient. Consider not going too high on the bet and follow the card circulation. If you feel that the flow of the game is turning to your side, then go ahead and place a bet. If the cards that you have are not that good, leave the table and go for the next one.

Important note

It is clever to start from a minimum bet. If your card is not that good, but the dealer has good points, especially if the total is nine, go for double or triple betting. This is because, after having nine cards, the rest of the cards will be smaller.

Things to keep in mind

Again, when it comes to playing online, ceme consider having sufficient capital, especially if you choose to play as the Dealer. In order to become a dealer, make sure to meet the minimum purchase requirement. This rule is applicable as the dealer will be facing all the players in one table. Naturally, lots of chips need to be there with the dealer as in the case of defeat; he needs to pay the chips to a number of people. If the value of a player is lost due to reaching on 9, the dealer needs to pay double the amount.

It is important to bear in mind, stay away from the place of a bookie if there are a number of players. This will help in avoiding losing streak, especially if the capital is not too much. If you are really eager to play the game as a dealer, do it when the numbers of players are less. It is important to follow the pattern of victory made in the game. This helps in placing a higher bet when the dealer enters a beneficial round.

Poker ceme can let you earn a good amount if you consider playing the game smartly. Initially, you need to follow the flow before implementing your own strategies.