Tips For Thai Translators

Most translators start with nothing even though they have a master’s in translation and a few years of internship, but with patience and hard work, a translator forms a mark.

But you must understand that to be a reliable Thai English Translation; you need to work with agencies for at least two years before being a freelance. This will help you make a significant mark in the industry.

Aim for efficiency in all your initiatives

When you send your CVs, you have probably experienced the “wall” syndrome. Let me explain. Finding clients in translation is like running your marathon in peace, and finding yourself at the 30th kilometer destroyed. You send dozens and dozens of letters, and then one beautiful day, you take a baton in the head. The umpteenth refusal goes wrong. Very bad.

Relax. By becoming a freelancer, you will learn to be effective in all your actions and gestures. You will soon apply the 20-80 method like a pro: 20% of your efforts produce 80% of results.

Find your niche from the start

I’m sorry, but having a degree in translation to become a translator is not enough to hope to find clients. Selling yourself as a translator only because you have a translation diploma is like offering babysitting services because you kept your cousin one summer evening in 2015. So find a niche you are capable of.

Travel to unusual territories

When you prospect, you undoubtedly choose to contact public agencies or clients. You translate English (I’m sure you turn English), so you contact agencies located in England. Why not. There is a start for everything.

However, do not forget to find translation agencies from distant and less common countries: Australia, New Zealand, the Scandinavian countries (which often do not have their English texts translated, because many natives understand this language).

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