Why gamble online

There are several reasons why you should Judi online when you prefer online gambling to the brick and mortar one. For choosing to utilize the internet rather than traveling to a well-known casino in town. 

With all the reasons why you should Judi online,  they can be narrowed into four main reasons. Four reasons are convincing enough for you to cancel having a trip to Reno, Las Vegas, or even New Jersey, and instead, stay at home and gamble online.

The main reasons are:

  • Convenience
  • Cost
  • Promotions
  • Variety


It is cheaper to gamble online as compared to gambling offline. Especially if there is a need for you to travel.  There are a lot of costs that will add up to your bill when you travel to go and gamble. For one week, it might cost you about $2400.  Traveling to gamble will remain to be expensive as compared to Judi online.

When gambling online, your costs will include:

  • Internet or the need for a data plan which you will divide amongst other online activities.
  • A device such as a computer which you already own and which you will divide amongst other uses.
  • Gambling money that you will use to play with

The hard cost of online gambling is the bankroll. Bets that might cost $3, $5 offline, will cost only  $1 or even less online. The chances are that you already have a data plan or internet. You already own a computer. 

Compared to the approximate cost of $2400 when you go for offline gambling, it means that if you want to use $400 for your entire week for gambling bankroll, then you will save $2000.  The money you save can be used for something else.  It is expensive traveling, and the online way to reduce such an expense is to gamble online.


Traveling is an inconvenience. You move away from your own home. You cannot utilize your car.  Your kids’ toys are missing. You are in a foreign city where you don’t reside. Probably one that you have never been to before.

You will have to make do with what you managed to pack in the bag. You have to be on a budget and know what to eat. You have to figure out where to get your necessity because you don’t even know where the grocery is.

Other inconveniences include:

  • Packing up for your trip
  • Getting up early to ensure you catch your flight
  • Having to ride a shuttle with strangers and catching a flight with more strangers.

All the above, plus the inconveniences with boarding the flight, makes offline betting an inconvenience.  Judi online tends to be more convenient when compared to gambling offline.  With online gambling, all you need to do is:

  • Open up your computer
  • Open the software for the casino
  • And log onto your account

And that is all. Meaning, you can get out of bed and gamble online while you enjoy a cup of coffee.  It is not necessary to get dressed for the same. But when headed for offline gambling, you will need to dress up to get poked and probed.