What Are The Different Types Of Materials Of Coasters Are Available Out There!

You might not have thought about which you should purchase for your home, and luckily there is plenty of option to choose from standard coasters to custom coasters made from different types of materials. Thus, a coaster can do many amazing things, from protecting the surfaces of your home décor to promote your business while using coasters as the advertising tool. 

You have to choose the right kind of material that safeguards all the surfaces and provides a great look at your furniture. It is essential for you to pick types of material for your personalized coasters, and gives you furniture a great look and better protection to your table from rigged stain and spots. Finding a material that will worth your money and suits your purpose is the best thing you can ever get in coasters. 

However, there are 11 different types of coaster material available in the market, so you have to choose which material will be used in your custom coasters. Though, only 5 out of 11 materials are the most effective ones.  Let us discuss those five coasters:

  • Pulpboard 

It is one of top quality material for coasters as it can absorb all the moisture whether your glass is dripping or not, and when you lift your glass from the pulpboard coaster, you will see not a single drop of water on the front and back. These are easily washable and durable, making it a better choice for your home. However, these coasters can cost a lit bit high as they provide great convenience to the user.

  • Neoprene

Coasters made from neoprene material can get a little damp when you rest a cold beverage on them. Thus these can be the right choice for your home, and if you have a company, you can print your logo on them to promote your business awareness among the visitors. Moreover, these coasters can get little sweat but can be clean once the glass is removed.

  • Ceramic

A ceramic coaster can retain some water stains on them, but it can be absorbed in a few minutes. Moreover, these coasters are incredibly durable and can last longer when properly cared for. You can choose this type of coaster if you want to add some style to your décor with various ceramic coasters.

  • Cork
    coasters made from cork material provide excellent absorbent quality, but the user should remember that these are made from cork, so there are chances to break if proper care is not taken. However, these can absorb the wet ring or mark left by the glass. 
  • Plastic 

The plastic coasters protect your furniture from getting any scratch or stain, but it takes time to absorb the water droplets once the glass is removed.

However, the best coaster material absorbs all the moisture and does not adhere to the glass’s bottom whenever you pick the glass to take a drink. Glass, leather, stainless steel, copper, and bamboo are good options only for mugs, cups, and bottles. 

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