Tips To Buy Smart Pet Feeders, More Guidelines on Weighted Dog Bowls

It is every pet owner’s dream to stay by their pet’s side as much as they can. Unfortunately, that is not possible due to various reasons. You may get late at work or may have to take a short trip. In these situations, what if there is nobody to feed your pet? If you have always left your pet alone with a heavy heart, here is a solution that could give you peace of mind. What if you could feed your pet even when you are not physically present at home? We’re not just making claims; this is an actual solution!

The smart pet feeder

Smart pet feeders are devices that can automatically dispense food for your pets at preset times. You have numerous large Dog raised food bowls that can ensure that your pet is well-fed in your absence. Apart from dispensing food, you have a host of other features as well. When you finally have a solution that can make you jump with joy, you may be confused about selecting the right model. With so many models and features, how to know which would be the best for your pet? Feel free to use this list and find many more helpful tips for outdoor dog bowls.

Factors to consider

  • The portion size

A smart pet feeder will allow you to set the portion size for your pet’s meal. It is ideal if the model allows you to set different portion sizes for different meals of the day (for instance, your pet may have a larger portion size for lunch and relatively lesser for breakfast and dinner). You also have the option of setting the portion size by weight or by the number of cups. 

  • The capacity of the hopper

The hopper refers to the part of the metal dog food bowls which hold the food waiting to be dispensed. If you have a pup or a small dog, the size of the hopper may not matter to you. But for large dogs, you need a device that can hold large amounts of food. If double diner dog bowls have the capacity for only one day’s worth of food, it may not be of much use to you. So, you should select a device whose hopper capacity is appropriate for your pet.

  • Additional features

The primary objective of the stainless steel dog dishes is to feed your pet. But you get several other features as you may still be concerned about your pet. Some devices support voice interaction. You can record your voice and send it through the device’s app. The feeder will play the recording for your pet. These devices also have a built-in camera so that you can monitor your furry friend while you are away. 

What is this device?

Our pets are social animals. They crave interaction. Thus, you cannot treat a smart pet feeder as a substitute for a pet sitter or walker. You can use the device for emergencies and other unavoidable situations where you cannot be there for your bet. But you also have to ensure that it is not becoming a habit. Pets, too, can slip into loneliness. Technology should only make things easier for us at the end of the day, not substitute it altogether.