This is how using night cream enables you to look your best

Everyone after coming home from a tough office day wants to crash into bed right away. But very few people know that their skin also needs care before bedtime. You might be cleansing and toning your face every morning. And it is also advisable to do the same at night. But there is one thing that most people do not consider, and it is to use a night cream before bed. While you are at work, your skin has to fight several challenges. These challenges include the growth of bacteria on to the face, pollution from vehicles, smoke from cigarettes, etc. Right from your hair spray to perfume, everything is sitting right on to your face. All these stuff damages your tissues all day long. Repairing of these tissues occurs at night, and to enhance the process night, the cream is used.

Here’s how night cream works on your skin:

At night, the skin on your face becomes relaxed. Therefore, it is easy for the facial night cream [ครีมบำรุงหน้ากลางคืน, which is the term in Thai] to penetrate deeper and work its magic. It works by providing nourishment and hydration to the skin. This enhances the cell renewal process so all the damage can be repaired while you are asleep. Night cream has its own anti-aging benefits, too, like a day cream has. 

Don’t be lazy when it comes to skincare:

The major part of someone’s beauty lies in the health of their skin. It is quite normal that you could be so tired that you want to sleep rather than performing a skin ritual. But this is where people lose to have the best skin possible. Make it a habit to instantly head towards the bathroom after you come home at night. Perform a few minutes of skincare process, and you are good to hit the bed.


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