It is vital to improving one’s online presence if the social media platform is for the purpose like connecting to the fan base, creating an online reputation, digital networking or for connecting to your customers. Unless the individual has a major website associated with them, social media is the first thing that pops up after upon doing a google search. Hence, these profiles are equivalent to landing pages for personal branding purposes. It is vitally important to have an expert Design online profile[รับออกแบบโลโก้โปรไฟล์ออนไลน์, which is the term in thai] because these landing pages are any interested party’s first encounter with your brand. Hence, going with the fact that a first impression is a key to gaining or losing a client one must be careful how they present the social media of their brand.

Some elements that will help you create a better social media platform for your brand

  1. display name: using a real name and a pseudonym is both acceptable. It can be interesting if done right. On platforms like Instagram or twitter having a pseudonym is trendier.
  2. the username URL: including a URL of your social media platform on websites and channels can be good for creating more followers. The URL is different from a person’s username but it is customizable and it is recommended to keep it close to the username one has.
  3. the profile picture: for business, using a logo as a profile picture ensures quick recognition of the brand. It depends on the goals that one has in mind for the brand hence, using a personal picture or a logo is both acceptable.
  4. the link: every social media does this differently but it is important to find a way of mentioning the link to the front page of the social media account.

Hire the best social media design experts and product label designers on fast work

Sometimes it is best to let experts design and create the social media platform for you. Companies like fast work feature such experts that can design online profiles and do other tasks such as product labelling design[รับออกแบบ โลโก้ป้ายสินค้า, which is the term in thai] for your products. For more information on how to hire them makes sure to check out their website.

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