The importance of hobby you should know about in this fast pacing world:

There are a lot of people who claim that there life has been changed since they have started to meditate every single day. You might have heard it, too and tried to adapt meditation in your life many times without any success. But the reason that you didn’t able to continue with this habit has nothing to do with your inability to stick to something. Many people have misconceptions about meditation. They think as it is a mindful practice so they should have no thoughts in their mind. But the second you make yourself sit down to focus on your breathing. You realize that there are thousands of thoughts lingering in your brain. Once people hit this realization, they stop meditating by getting discouraged that they can’t get their brain empty. But what if you need to think of meditation all over again.

Know the proper way to meditate so you can achieve the serene state of mind:

The point of meditation is not to have any thoughts in your brain. The aim of having no thoughts is not achievable. Meditation can only dampen the frequency of those thoughts and makes you less anxious in turn. As you get some time off from your negative thoughts, you can be rational about things that are going on in your life. Many people regard it as a way to look at solutions of your problems as a third person. This enables a person to take better decision.

Choose any mindful activity and practice it every single day of your life:

There are various things that you can opt as your hobby. The silicone rubber art is one of them. Now, as the Silicone rubber price [ยางซิลิโคน ราคา, which is the term in Thai]has been dropped substantially, there is no reason for you not to try your hands on it. There are various kind of models that you could make by molding it. What all you need to do is to add a hobby in your life and practice it every day to keep yourself sane.