Simple and Effective Ways to Get Instagram Followers

Instagram is indeed a concrete foundation in today’s digital era for building your virtual presence. It is an essential platform to showcase your personal or brand’s online presence, building active conversations, channelling needed traffic to the brand’s landing pages, etc. Getting the required number of Instagram followers is a prime motto for all the users and account holders. The more followers you have, the virtual opportunities for you and your brand get multiple!

If you wish to improve your Instagram presence and sharpen the marketing strategies, we have listed below handy tips to get Instagram followers organically. Of course, there are quick ways like buying accounts to get instant growth in Instagram followers, but these are short-lived and are not really helpful in the long run.

Paying to online marketing companies for the desired number of Instagram followers, likes do not work as most of the time, these followers accounts are fake. The unreal accounts will be inactive and will not have any interaction with you virtually.

Building your Instagram followers organically is a slow and patient process but works better for you and your brand.

Listed below are simple and effective ways to increase your Instagram followers:

Enhance the Instagram account

For a start, make sure that your Instagram account is optimized correctly. The bio section works as the homepage of your Instagram account. Make sure you provide an easy-to-identify and search username, profile photo, essential links that help promote you or your business virtually. Avoid using special characters, numbers, or too-long usernames. Ideally, keep it identical to the bio you use for other social media accounts. This way users can identify you easily and start following you on Instagram!

Maintain a Schedule

Avoid posting content randomly. It can make the users forget about your account. Instead, keep a schedule to share posts, images, quotes, promotional content, etc. Also, avoid posting a lot of posts in a day as it could lead to spam. Consistency is the key. Online Instagram marketing tools like content calendar schedules provide options for correct scheduling, effective time features, etc. Schedule a month’s content in advance for visibility, engagement with the audience, and overall growth in the number of followers!

Stay Away from Fake Accounts

Paying Online Marketing Companies for buying a required number of followers is not effective. As most of these accounts are fake, you will not have active interaction and appreciation through these unreal accounts. It is the real audience that matters. As they are the ones who engage with you over posts, articles, images you share. This virtual bond helps improve your overall performance on Instagram!

Follow Others, But Not Blindly

Do not follow for the sake of following or hoping that others will follow you back simply because you started following them. There is no point following users who share no connection to you or your brand. Instead, connect with those accounts that have common threads like your type of business, services, similar likes, ideologies, etc. Express your views. comment on their posts, Like the images, stories they release. Once you start interacting virtually, the account holder will notice you and engage in healthy conversations and build e-connection. This is a great way to build your Instagram presence!

Learn from Others

Accounts that you actively follow can definitely teach you a thing or two that help you improve your Instagram account performance. Notice what is working for other accounts. Keep a tab of their marketing strategies like posts topics, stores frequency, promotional campaigns, ads, etc. These are effective ways to cast a wider web to reach out and connect with more and active Instagram Users!

Add Hashtags That Works

Hashtags are an important tool for getting more followers on Instagram. While adding popular hashtags are okay, but they are not as beneficial when you wish to grow your virtual audience. Instead, form unique hashtags and use them for your online content. Also, find or look for hashtags that your future followers will likely type in the search box or check. Unique hashtags can make your online content get noticed by the target audience and make them follow you online!

Keep a Healthy Engagement

Whenever you share valuable posts, images, product information; your followers will express their views through comments, likes, etc. You must reply to these comments and inquiries as soon as possible. This brings enough confidence amongst followers for you and your account being genuine and responsive. Those who visit your profile randomly or plan to check it by your devoted follower’s recommendation will get impressed with your overall active virtual performance. This is a good way to build up organic followers consistently.