When considered on its many standard levels, a prize screen just holds things. However, everybody recognizes the important things that a trophy or shield award [โล่รางวัล, which is term in Thai] display holds are significant to someone or several individuals. Those things hold a unique value. They stand for a notable success or a tradition. These things, these awards, are a physical representation of quality.

Showing awards has less to do with affection, as well as more to do with importance. An honor of any kind does not just indicate a goal being satisfied. It stands for several things for the recipient, as well as they take satisfaction in showing off those awards in their prize display case.


If somebody has gotten an award, it is because the effort put into obtaining it is being acknowledged. Trophy screens aren’t filled up by doing something everyone else can do. It is recognized as well as appreciated that the recipient needed to work for it. Barriers had to relapse. Skills needed to be obtained as well as mastered.

A trophy stands for precisely that: the initiative of becoming the champ. We’ve all heard the statement “absolutely nothing ventured, nothing obtained.” A prize embodies that saying. One does not get a reputation; one can just make it. Naturally, this isn’t the only vital factor to show off honors.


A lot of individuals follow the path of the very least resistance. It is the road that generally took a trip. There is no genuine threat to mention, as well as no genuine consequence to failing. Unfortunately, this course does not finish in a loaded prize display.

An award does not just stand for the struggle of competition. Honors signify the desire to attempt something new as well as to get good at it. Awards stand for the spirit of any individual that contends to win. The obstacles one conquers can just be mastered through soul, heart, as well as grit. The recipient has to have considered the obstacle worthwhile, and that can just be attained with spirit.