It does not matter at all why men in NYC wear long hair if they like it. But Brooklyn Barbers know not everyone manages to grow it to the desired length – they do not have enough patience or it in the process begins to fall out, thin out, becomes brittle.

How to avoid this and still achieve a result? If you think that there is a magic drug or a single instruction for everyone to quickly grow own hair, then this is not so. The growth rate of hair for all people is different and is determined by hereditary factors.

Slightly accelerate this process, if you exclude the harmful effects on hair from inside and outside, to intensify the blood supply to the scalp, to establish normal nutrition of the bulbs.

Proper care is your task – to find those hair and scalp care products that suit.

Shampooing is not used for washing your hair daily, it violates the fat balance of the scalp, leads to its drying out. On the other hand, when washing is too rare, the pores are blocked with grease plugs, which also inhibits hair growth.

Massage is carried out both during combing and in the process of special manipulations, used to increase blood flow to the hair follicles. The most effective massage is the massage with warm cosmetic oil.

With the help of proper nutrition you will get a full range of nutrients and vitamins for normal growth and health of the hair.

 Experts advise you to add foods that are rich of vitamins B, C, E, A, K to your diet: nuts, cabbage, citrus fruits, dairy products, beef, etc.

  For example, nuts are equipped with vitamins B, E and protein. Cabbage besides vitamins, has phosphorus, potassium, sodium.

  Masks and wraps provide additional nourishment and hydration, and masks with irritants (mustard, hot peppers, cinnamon) activate blood flow and oxygen supply to the follicles.


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