How did poker emerge as the top card game is merely a few decades?

The world of poker has emerged only in the last four decades or so. If you look at the history of poker, it only got the attention worldwide at the turn of millennium only. But since then it has become one of the most popular card games worldwide. Poker has emerged as the top card game because of three reasons apparently. Firstly, poker is a fairly simple game. That is to even a newbie can understand the basics and can start playing the game from the first attempt itself. Secondly, the rules of the game are somewhat flexible. That is to say that the players can actually set the value to the cards and set the rules accordingly. And lastly, the game is a high yielding one. That is to say, poker is played with the aim of earning some money from it.

How the professionals play poker at the highest level?

At the professional level poker is very much hard. The professional players like darren phua play with the motivation to win only. They know all the tricks there is to the game. They calculate every move of the players at the table and the dealer as well. They can predict the cards as well. This is what makes them suitable for winning the professional level games worth millions of dollars in the first place. But for an amateur, it is hard to get to that level. Thus what one needs to do is hone up on the skills of poker. Try and pick up the tricks along the way. And to get to that level one must start at the very basic level. And then moving towards up. Thus help from professional poker players will be necessary as well.

Learn how to play poker from online platforms

At present the only online platform that offers professional player’s help to new players is paulphuapoker. They have gathered the best professional-level poker player on their website for this purpose. They have also put up tutorial videos on their websites make sure you pay a visit to their official website in this regard.

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