Everything You Need To Know About Privnote – Self-Destructing Notes

Are you taken over by the thought of sharing forever confidential self-destructing notes? Have you been looking for alternatives to share a private note, that is once read, will simply disappear on its own? Then, it is high time you begin using Privnote.

What is Privnote & who has been using it?

Privnote has become one of the top choices amongst the elites as well as commoners nowadays. Presently, it is well-recognized as one of the most impressive tools or websites endorsing promising confidentiality through self-destructive notes.

It is a free web service that permits users to share self-destructive notes online or over the internet. People have been enormously using this new-generation platform for personal and work-related purposes because of how instantaneously the notes self-destruct themselves over here.

Does Privnote offer free-of-cost service?

Privnote is a private notesharing platform that does not charge and is fully free of cost despite its great utility in the present times. The online sharing platform is certainly a must-use tool in today’s time wherein confidentiality and privacy are considered the biggest assets.

How useful will Privnote turn out to be?

Nowadays, the ever-growing number of cybercriminals are consistently looking for ways to steal our personal information. This has led most people all the more concerned about cybersecurity. 

There are many such events and situations in life where you would want to share some confidential information. This can include things such as a password or a bank pin code. You definitely don’t want to be worried about a 3rd party intercepting this data. This is exactly when using Privnote will turn out to be a great decision. 

Privnote is certainly a useful platform for sending any important passcodes, passwords, or other essential information in a convenient and secure way.

How to use Privnote?

The online platform is basically a secure website that can be used by individuals to share notes containing any crucial information to others in a matter of seconds. The platform does not even require the user to register and lets the user create some important notes in a few seconds. 

Once a note has been created, the platform will offer you a link. This link can be emailed or shared in a private message to the person who needs to know. As soon as the link is clicked by the recipient, the note will be opened, and the link will be destroyed. So, not even the person who actually sent it can read this message ever again. All the unread notes will disappear automatically after 30 days. 

Where can you find it?Privnote is the brainchild of Jammy Digital and Martin Huntbach. You can visit Privnote’s official website to begin sharing your private note online. You can also follow them on Twitter or Facebook to learn more about them. We are sure you will have a fascinating experience learning all about Privnote and its applications. So, what are you waiting for? Share your Privnote with your family, friends, and associates today!