Types of Brochures

The brochures can be classified according to two main aspects: how they distribute the information and the type of information they transmit like the school brochure design (desain brosur sekolah, which is the term in Indonesia).

According to The Way in Which They Distribute the Information


This type of brochure is also known as a flyer; it is called because it consists of a single sheet without folds. Its shape can be square or rectangular and is one of the most used in marketing since it is the most economical format.


These brochures have two folds and are usually delivered in open places. They are also posted on store counters or mailed.

They are divided into three parts: the cover (where the name is specified and an image is usually placed), the content (where the information is placed), and the back cover (it is the last page and usually carries a summary of the content or the contact numbers).


Triptychs are like diptychs but have more space. They are widely used in the advertising media, although they can also be found in schools and universities since they allow a more significant amount of information to be placed. Like diptychs, triptychs have a cover, content, and back cover.

According to The Type of Information

Educational Brochures

These brochures are intended to educate a specific audience. Therefore, they seek to guide people through a well-structured and straightforward language that facilitates the easy understanding of the transmitted information.

School Brochures

These brochures circulate in educational centers and are produced to teach and entertain students. They can address any topic, if the information is instructive (conducive to learning), recreational, and didactic.

Health Brochures

These brochures are essential because they help inform people about the diseases and outbreaks that are currently occurring.

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