Introduction to the Fourth Framework of the Automobile

The fourth framework of the car electronics, which is activated in the year of 2010, may change the current supply and consume model in the automotive information and entertainment system. The fourth framework is a new emerging platform, which has no limitation of function or characteristics. New functions can be added at anytime after buying the car. This is the only electric framework which is installed inside the car, but is not settled the functions in the production line. This characteristic makes the responsibilities of the original equipment manufacturers and customers quite different.

This is the first time that the manufacturers can not meet the demand of consumer device. Almost all the automotive information and entertainment systems have changed from the cab function to off-board service. So many changes are happened on the level of software and operating system, which offered much space when the user is considering the content and receiving device of the car. These changes not only make the customers able to add the new function to the car, but also mean more business opportunities for the suppliers.

In the first three frameworks, the system is limited by the original function. Therefore, the segmentation can not implemented by the top suppliers. While in the fourth framework, if the designer can not handle a series of basic challenges, he will be easily replaced. The suppliers should meet three key standards before the automotive system is developed. Firstly, in order to make the driver and passenger can access the data accurately; the visible display and response should be available of this system. Secondly, the system should have the flexible input and output device to make people able to control the music, phone and navigation system. Thirdly, the interface of the automobile must be intuitive.

The fourth framework is based on the software, which is a good news for the manufacturers of information and entertainment system. The cost will be reduced by this framework, and the design and development will also be simplified. But it is predicated that the competition of this market will be fierce, because more and more people want to gain the automotive information and entertainment system. The related integrated circuit is OP01.

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