Digital Marketing Strategies For Successful Pharmacies

Although it is a traditionally offline sector, new digital needs have made the presence of pharmacies also grow in the digital world. It is the case, for example, to have a website to promote health and beauty products on social networks, an eCommerce where to sell products online so that users can find the nearest pharmacies easily in Google Maps.

Betting on a good advertising company (บริษัท รับ ทำ โฆษณา which is the term in Thai) for pharmacies in the digital world will help create positive synergies that will move to the physical world, even if we don’t have an online store. For this reason, we have compiled the most important points to consider if we want to draw up a solid and lasting marketing strategy:

Work The Location

The location of your pharmacy in the digital world is indispensable today. Users do geolocated searches to find pharmacies that are close to their location on Google.

Optimize Seo

SEO positioning is something that will positively affect our pharmacy and one of the most important strategic points to consider. The objective of SEO is that our pharmacy appears in the top positions of Google, which we know, according to various studies and our own experience, that agglutinate more than 75% of total clicks.

Google Campaigns

A person who needs some pharmaceutical products or wants to find a nearby pharmacy is very likely to use Google. In order for your pharmacy to appear in the results of those searches, you can carry out a Google campaign. These types of campaigns will allow showing ads that direct to our website. The goal is to get quality traffic with a high probability that you buy some of the products we offer and thus increase sales.


The creation of a blog will help us to publicize our brand and capture traffic to the web, improving our SEO positioning. In addition, it is a good way to communicate our commitment to customers.

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