Amethyst Ring Buying Guide – Avoid Getting Amethyst Stones if You Spot these Inconsistencies

If you’re one of the countless jewelry lovers who have considered getting cost-effective alternatives to diamonds, you’ve probably heard of Amethyst rings. The official birthstone of February is gaining a lot of popularity amongst modern-day jewelry shoppers. However, Amethyst is a gemstone that has been used to create jewelry pieces for centuries. Naturally, scammers have also devised ways to trick jewelry shoppers into buying low-quality Amethyst jewelry. If you’re a jewelry shopper in the market for some high-quality Amethyst rings, here’s a detailed guide to differentiating high-quality Amethyst stones from low-quality ones.  

Focus on the Colors

The first step every Amethyst ring buying guide expert will recommend is checking the gemstone’s color. Jewelry collectors love amethysts because of their unique purple/violet shades. From light lavender to deep violet – there are many shades of Amethyst stones. Typically, the gemstones with deeper and darker colors are considered more valuable. The concentrated purple color gives these semi-transparent gemstones a distinguished look. Irrespective of the shade of your Amethyst stone, it’s guaranteed to make your jewelry collection seem unique and distinguished. However, shoppers must focus on factors like hues, tones, and saturation to get better-value deals.

Personal Inspection is Vital

If you’re getting your Amethyst ring from an online jewelry seller, make sure that the jewelry seller has a track record of dealing in natural gemstones. Don’t purchase from jewelry sellers who don’t allow returns. That’s because it’s nearly impossible to spot imperfections on Amethyst stones from pictures. Suppose you do get the chance to inspect your Amethyst stones before purchase, check whether the stone is transparent. Amethyst stones that are transparent are considered to be better-quality by jewelers. Also, use incandescent light to see whether the Amethyst stone has any secondary colors. The presence of secondary red hues (only visible under incandescent light) is considered to be a mark of good quality.

The Quality of Cutting

Since Amethyst stones are cost-effective and available in jewelry stores across the world, improperly cut Amethyst rings are not considered to be valuable by jewelers. Even if your Amethyst gems have good primary and secondary colors, if it’s not cut properly, it won’t look vibrant or appealing on jewelry pieces. Since Amethyst stones aren’t as hard as diamonds, they’re relatively easy to cut. Be it a cushion-shaped cut or a heart-shaped cut, as long as your faceted stone has proportional cuts, they’ll find buyers in the market!